Check out our selection of recipes for you to try out over Christmas. You'll find the full list on the right hand side.

There's a great selection of cakes including Aunty's Rum Cake, the wonderful Chocolate Mint Cake and a very festive fruit cake.

Or if cakes are too much like hard work, try some of our candy and cookie recipes. We'll show you two ways to make Sugar Cookies plus why not try out the Wreath Cookies, White Christmas Candy or plain old fudge.

If you're feeling more adventurous there's the Bishop's Pie, a cherry or pretzel torte, the Nutmeg Log or a traditional Norwegian Christmas Pudding. Alternatively how about trying something totally different like Coconut Circles, Peppermint Snowballs, Peanut butter balls or the Raspberry Jelly.

And if you're making all of that, then you probably want something to wash it down with. So we recommend the Christmas Punch or the Cranberry Punch.